Niteflirt Addicts

WOW…there’s ALOT more Niteflirt addicts than I thought! LOL..not really…I know there’s a TON of you desperate addicts out there, but OMG, I’m getting dozens of IMs from guys begging Me to take their calls!

So remember, if you want to call Me direct, you can go to My direct site:
but remember, you need permission BEFORE you call. I will NOT answer random calls.  Read the next post for instructions.

It’s a cheaper rate than My rates on Niteflirt, well, except for one lucky slave that got to pay $10 minute, since he normally calls My STROKE & PAY $9.99 line.


mrreed and I have been “playing” a BLACKMAIL game all day and I have extracted $3250 from him so far today.
mrreed? I’m not finished with you yet!

Watch for mrreed’s info, including a Google map to this loser’s apartment building, if he doesn’t cooperate!

NEW TOTAL: $3650…loser!  It was funny when you had to call your CC company to explain the charges on your account so they could unfreeze your account.  Now they know what a stroking, loser perv you are!

UPDATE: mrreed stroked off another $300 and I made him “pump out” another $50 to make it an even $4K for the day!

Even if I DID work an 8 hr. day, that would be $500.00 an hour!  I guess I can live with that..LMFAO!!


YES, I will be your Valentine and you will be My adoring fucktard! I’m not called LITTLE HEARTBREAKER for nothing! I will break your heart, your balls, your will, your wallet, your pride, your dignity, EVERYTHING! I will BLEED you DRY! I always do and you always come back for more! SWEET ADDICTION!

Call me on My Valentine’s Listing


Pumpin’ and Payin’ at the Quickee Mart

Hi fucktards! Here’s a quick blog entry about the fun time I had today with my pump-and-pay loser Mr. Reed. I was out driving around, and I noticed that my car was running low on gas. So I pulled into a Quickee Mart to fill up. Then I discovered that I had left my credit cards at home! Goddess Amber was not happy! In fact, I was sooooo pissed! Goddess Amber believes in instant gratification for all her wants and needs.

Then I had a fantastic idea – why not have one of my fucktards pay for my gas? And what better fucktard to “pump” my gas than my favorite “pump-and-pay” fucktard, Mr. Reed? LOL!

A few weeks ago, Mr. Reed called me and begged me to blackmail him, so I made him give me some personal information to use against him. Among that information was his home phone number. So I took out my cell phone and punched in Mr. Reed’s number.

The loser answered on the first ring – no friends, no life, just sitting by the phone!

“Hello, Mr. Reed, this is Goddess Amber, and I need you to buy me a tank of gas right now. Give me your credit card number.” I think Mr. Reed almost came in his pants, he was so excited to hear my voice. But then he started resisting, saying he couldn’t give out his cc information. So, I told him if he didn’t, his personal info would be up on my blog within an hour, and it would stay there. With that threat over his head, Mr. Reed couldn’t give me his credit card number fast enough!

I hung up on him, went into the Quickee Mart, and made arrangements with the fucktard behind the counter to pay with Mr. Reed’s credit card. What a creepo the Quickee Mart guy was! He couldn’t take his eyes off me. As I was walking out, I dropped my keys (oops! tee hee!) and bent over so he could get a good look at my Goddess ass. Who knows, I may need to use him for something someday. The world is full of fucktards just waiting to be used by Goddess Amber!

I filled my tank (15 gallons), then decided I needed a cappuccino. So I went back into the Quickee Mart and got a cappuccino. And some snacks. And a bunch of magazines. The total for gas and everything came to $75. Just put it on Mr. Reed’s card!

Once I was back on the road, I called Mr. Reed again. He answered on the first ring again! I told him the total he had just spent. Then I made him pump it out of his cock, just for fun. I charged him $5 a stroke, so he only got 15 strokes. When he finished, I just laughed at him, said, “Thanks, fucktard!” and hung up. I think he was begging me to give him permission to cum when I cut him off. No, Mr. Reed, no cumming today!

So, now I have Mr. Reed’s phone number AND credit card info. This is going to be fun! Mr. Reed, you’re on speed dial now!

Fucktards Rejoice! Princess Amber Has Updated Her Blog!

This is what you’ve been waiting for, isn’t it, fucktards?  For Me to update my blog?  Judging from all the STUPID FUCKING EMAILS you losers have been sending Me for the past few months, you have nothing better to do with your PATHETIC LIVES than check EVERY FIVE FUCKING MINUTES to see if I’ve updated it.  Well, fuck you losers!  I have a life, and you have . . . well, nothing, apparently.  LOL! 

So, yes, I haven’t updated in quite a while.  That’s what’s great about being Me.  If I get bored with something, then I can just ignore it.  I can forget about it.  Like you losers.  When you bore Me, I ignore you.  When you don’t call Me, I forget about you.  When you click My tribute buttons and then don’t pay, I block your loser asses.  It’s all about ME.  Not about you. 

Mr. Reed knows what I’m talking about.  He decided to stop calling for a while.  Then one day last week he called, wanting to play pump and pay.  I told him sure, no problem – start stroking at TEN DOLLARS A STROKE.  He sniveled and cried and begged for a lower rate, so I hung up on him.  He called back 5 minutes later and started counting by tens!  After only 20 strokes, the stupid fucktard actually had an orgasm!  Without My permission!  Can you believe it?  He kind of whimpered in mid-stroke, so I knew immediately what had happened.  No problem – I charged him a $500 cum tax!  Princess Amber always wins, right Mr. Reed?

Let’s see, what else is new?  Well, there’s My new Amberite, PeeWee the Loser.  PeeWee likes to jerk off in front of his window, hoping the neighbors will see him.  I make him stand in front of the window and jerk-off until I decide he’s paid enough.  And there’s Dickhead Dave, who likes to call me on his cell while driving.  I’ve made him cum so often, the inside of his car must be absolutely disgusting with cum-stains.  Yuck.  And I have a couple more pump-and-pay addicts.  What a bizarre freaky fetish that is – not that I’m complaining.  In fact, I’m thinking of having a pump-and-pay contest.  The winner will win a free orgasm (I usually charge for that).  Isn’t that a wonderful prize?  More about that later. 

Oh, I almost forgot My blackmail freak.  He begs me to post his personal info on my blog, then begs me to take it down five minutes later, which I do after he pays a huge “blog editing” fee.

Well, I’m tired after updating My blog for you pervs.  Are you jerking off while you read it?  Good.  Now, call Me, fucktards.  Bring your cocks to Me . . . and your wallets! 


GODDESS AMBER has returned!

I’m trying to catch up since getting back from Florida!  I came back last Tuesday and caught up on My emails and My  Then Wednesday…BAM, along comes My painslut!  From 9PM til 1AM, between calls @ $50 a minute and a $1K PTV, I milk him for $3,084.

Then again on Thursday, he returns for more destruction, as I milked him for another $2,896.

CLICK HERE to see the transaction pages.

Just shy of $6K…I think I can relax a

As far as going into DETAILS about My calls, well, if you want to know what goes on in My calls and in My World, then fucking CALL ME!

Another $2K today!!

I spent the day shopping for summer stuff for My trip to Florida this weekend.  I can’t wait to get away from the COLD! 

When I got home, I reminded painslut he had TWO $1000 PTVs waiting for him that he was supposed to pay YESTERDAY.  he promptly PAID them and begged Me to allow him to call My $50 min. line. 

All in all, after Niteflirt fees, I made a little more than $2200.00 from painslut tonight.

See his comments in post below…..

Comments left by painslut


I want to publicly thank you for allowing me the honour of serving you!!!!!!!!!! I know I am a pathetic and disgusting male pervert with a small and ugly dick.

THANK YOU for allowing me the honour of paying the two PTVs you kindly sent me.

GODDE$$ AMBER has very generously sent me a voice recording – the recording instructs me to repeat the following statement out loud at least 50 times every day:

‘I love and serve MISTRE$$ AMBER. My only purpose is to increase her luxury and comfort. I will spend as little as possible on myself, just enough to live. All other money belongs to MISTRE$$ AMBER and will be given each month with total gratitude and thanks.’ I have of course obeyed.

Comment by Painslut — March 26, 2008 @ 9:04 pm  



I want to publicly thank you for allowing me the honour of serving you!!!!!!!!!! I know I am a pathetic and disgusting male pervert with a small and ugly dick.

I know talking to me is repulsive to you – I thank you for allowing me to hear your voice @ $50 a minute!!!!!!!!!!!

You own my money. My only purpose is to increase your luxury and comfort.

I will strive to give you more and more each month!!!!!!

I know I will NEVER get anything in return – except the honour and priveledge of serving GODDE$$ AMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once you have bankrupted me I realise you will cast me aside, ignore me!!!!!!!!

Comment by Painslut — March 24, 2008 @ 7:32 pm


what a WILD weekend! CLICK HERE to follow along, starting at the bottom of the transaction page.

*First let Me say, it amuses Me how some Flirts demand that the callers change their names to include the flirt’s title in it, only for their name to show up in everyone else’s feedbacks! So out of respect, I have deleted the flirt’s name on the screenshot and just left “ownsme”, but to Me, he’s My painslut.*

With that said, on Friday evening My painslut messages Me. I ordered him to send a $100 TRIBUTE, then told him to call Me. After awhile, I told him to call back on My $50 min. line. While I’m on that call, I have Andrew messaging Me, so I send him a $300 PTV, which he pays. I love DOUBLE DIPPING! $2228.47 (after NF fees) in about 2 hours!!
Then comes Saturday…painslut begs for a personalized audio, so I make it and he buys it for $200. Then he calls My 15.99 line and all he does is listen to My audio I sent him while I laugh and humiliate and control him more! Then I order him to call My $50 min. line and I humiliate him for another 30 minutes. he begs Me to ruin him, but he had already reached his daily spending limit on NF, so I made him call back on My $50 line and while he was on the line, I ordered him to go to another account and send Me a tribute. he sends $100 TRIBUTE, then I send him a $900 PTV to MAX out his daily spending limit on THAT account.

Then he calls Me from that other account….final total…..$6192.57 (after NF fees) but I had to work 4 hours! LMAO!

GRAND TOTAL TO ME for Friday and Saturday:
That’s all from painslut (except for the one drive-by tribute from Andrew while I was on the phone). TOTAL FOR THE WEEKEND:  an easy $10K

painslut…don’t forget, you have a $1000 PTV waiting for you in each of your accounts for today!  Grab your Jack Daniels and let’s PARTY again! LOL

I’ll BREAK more than your HEART on VALENTINE’S DAY


YES, I will be your Valentine and you will be My adoring fucktard! I’m not called LITTLE HEARTBREAKER for nothing! I will break your heart, your balls, your will, your wallet, your pride, your dignity, EVERYTHING! I will BLEED you DRY! I always do and you always come back for more! SWEET ADDICTION!

Call me on My Valentine’s Listing


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